My Car Has Oil Leaks Problem

Reader Question: Well a month ago, I was driving on a little side road in the country and had to get over because a truck was coming. I ended up scrapping the oil filter on my car.

I did not know until I was driving down the highway and the oil light started to flash then my car would not accelerate. The engine made a knocking sound and had a little smoke come from the hood. I was able to pull over and ended up having to have the car towed.

I am wondering if there is any chance of saving my car. Could I change the filter and add the oil back to the car without problems?

Thank you so much.


Hi Garika,

ANYTHING is possible! I would definitely add fresh oil and a new filter and pray like crazy! Usually, if you hear engine noise like you did while you were driving it is too late.

When the RED warning light comes on, it is almost too late the damage has usually already taken place. You can buy some good oil additives at your local auto parts store, which you can add to your engine oil that can help prevent this from happening again.

One brand is WYNNS engine oil additive. I have seen an engine run without engine oil for hours with no damage because the internal parts were coated with this additive. It is cheap and is good insurance for future problems like this.

Austin Davis

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