My Car Brakes Are Grinding

car brakes grindingI think I need a brake job on my Chevy Spectrum. Things are squeaking, grinding and groaning when I hit the brakes, but using the manual brake doesn’t seem to produce any adverse reactions. How much should I expect to pay?

Philip hello there,

I would expect to pay $150-$200 ish for a front brake job, pads, resurface the rotors, labor and tax Although, if you hear a grinding noise you might have to replace your brake rotors which will cost you another $80 or hopefully less for some cheap no name brake rotors which should be just fine.

A brake job is one of the most profitable repairs in a shop, and just about any mechanic can install new brake pads….not difficult. In your case, your brake pads can be purchased at your local auto parts store or about $15 here online and you can buy brand new brake rotors here for about $13 each and you need 2 for the front.

So as you can see the parts to perform the job are dirt cheap these days and replacing the brake rotors is very cost effective and cuts the repair time in half for the mechanic.

You don’t hear the noise with the hand brake because that only uses the rear brakes….and you need front brakes.

Brakes on car

Red parts are the brake pads, and the round shiny part is the brake rotor itself

Thanks to Youtube you can pretty much do the brake job yourself if you want to. Watch this video, its a pretty easy and straightforward repair.

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