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Reader Question Austin, what is your take on getting my auto insurance company to pay for my auto glass repair. I have a small chip in my front car windshield of my 2005 Nissan Murano and the price for a new windshield is way to expensive.
John H.

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Hey John,

I am all for the rock chip repair, I have checked the prices of Murano auto glass and you are correct they are not cheap. What I do not want to see you do is get your auto insurance policy to pay for the auto glass repair……pay for it out of your pocket.

Why? It’s a claim on your insurance policy, I know it is just a small one, but its still a claim. Auto insurance rates can increase due to frequency not just on the amount of the claim, so if you do have an accident or need to make a claim later on down the road you might face a rate increase since you would have made two claims, the rock chip and the accident.

You can probably get that windshield repair for less than $60, so why risk a rate increase?

Austin Davis

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