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muffler-repair-shops.jpgYesterday I got a question from a lady in my neighborhood who asked me “how much should I expect to pay to replace my exhaust system in my Chevy Suburban”.  Now, I had to ask her 2 questions first.

1. Why do you need to replace your exhaust system in the first place?

2. Who told you that your exhaust system needed to be replaced?

She said her dealership told her the exhaust system was rusting out and needed to be replaced, for $1,200 but that as far as she was concerned she has not noticed anything wrong with it, no excessive exhaust noise etc.

So I suggested she visit a local muffler repair shop in our area and get a second opinion. The dealership is going to sell her a complete NEW exhaust system from Chevy and bolt it on.

If the vehicle really does need a new exhaust system the local muffler shop can bend the pipes in their shop, and use aftermarket mufflers and catalytic converter which is MUCH MUCH cheaper than brand new dealer parts….and faster too.

Rarely do I see complete exhaust systems need to be replaced anymore, unless you live in cold areas of the country where they salt the roads.  I have not have to replace a muffler in my vehicles in 20 years…if that. They just seem to last a very long time these days.

But, if you do need muffler work go to a muffler repair shop not your dealership.

Those two are probably the largest chain store muffler shops in the U.S but there are probably a few smaller mom and pop repair shops in your phone book as well.

You should also talk to your local mechanic and see who they recommend. Most repair shops do not do exhaust work in house.

The cost savings could be half, or more from new parts from the vehicle manufacturer.

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