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Oil Additives – Motor Silk – What is It and Does it Work?

Reader Question Austin, what are your thoughts on motor oil additives, have you heard of something called Motor Silk?
Thanks alot

Hi Robert

I have not heard of Motor Silk — I am not endorsing or dismissing its ability — but there are TONS of oil additives on the market….most are a waste of money, some can actually cause more harm than good, and some do what they claim to do. For legal reasons I can not name names….isn’t that silly? But I can tell you what I use in my shop on a daily basis.

I have had good luck with these

Engine Restore – great for older cars with loss of compression and internal wear

Marvel Mystery Oil – great for lifter noises – valve noises – and cylinder head lubrication

Wynns Engine Oil Treatment – I have seen an engine that had one can of this added to it, run for 24 hours at 2000 rpm with NO oil in it and the engine oil pan removed. WOW!

Royal Purple – Does about the same as Wynns, costs a little more though but does a great job at reducing friction and increasing longevity of your engine. I use this in my air compressors, they run quieter and smoother…so I can only assume it is using less electricity and will make the motor last longer.

Most other oil additives I think are not really worth the effort or expense. If anyone has anything else to add….or take away, email me your thoughts.


Austin C. Davis

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  1. Mike S says:

    Im using Motor Silk now, and it does has made a difference. About 2000 miles ago I added it to a fresh oil change because my car was smoking a little, hoping it might tighten up wear in piston rings, etc.

    The first thing I noticed was after about 200 miles city driving the smoking began to stop. This was good, however I also noticed a slight drop in oil pressure, I didn’t like that, but I would need to keep the additive in for a minimum of 2k miles for it to establish itself and fully work.
    After about 500 miles more the oil pressure went back to where it usually ran at, so thats not a worry, and the smoking hasn’t returned but hasn’t gotten completely fixed either. I’m being patient with the slight oil smell, maybe with time it will completely stop the slight smoking, it’s worked ok so far.
    I haven’t noticed a huge different in mileage.
    I have had a good reduction of smoke.
    The engine does run very smooth and quiet, and starts nicely.
    I think it was worth the $24 I paid for it, it did do some good.

  2. Cody says:

    Hey Austin, I know this is an old one but I have a question regarding this. I’ve used Engine Restorer religiously in my Corsica which is at 129k miles and it’s still running strong. On the other hand, I have a Cavalier with 219k miles that’s still running and I’m considering throwing some Restore in it during my next oil change, however I am hesitant. I almost never hear bad things, but every so often I see posts like the one form the guy above me and they scare me a little. Can you give me any insight on this? I understand that Restore is not really an oil-additive since it doesn’t change your viscosity so it shouldn’t damage anything, but more of an engine additive since it’s supposed to fill in scratches in the cylinders. Can you explain to me the risk in using this and your opinion on why you don’t think it would be ruining engines?

    • By Austin Davis says:

      Well you do ask a great question, thanks for asking. I have used the Restore additive many times in my shop on older customer vehicles that had oil consumption or blue exhaust smoke issues, and it seems to have helped. I dont know if I would just run out and use it just because of the mileage….although I really don’t see how it will hurt anything.

      if you read the can and their advertising it is mainly made for vehicles that are experiencing issues…like the ones I mentioned above. Personally I think using quality engine oil changed regularly is all most vehicles really need. Although I will admit that we use an oil additive by Wynn’s in my shop with every oil change. I have personally seen their product demonstrations and know their stuff really works to help protect the engine from damage if oil loss occurs. Will it prolong the life of the engine….not sure about that.

      So, in summary. I like oil additives but will it really help you get more life out of your engine, that is to be seen. 219K is VERY good so you are obviously already doing the right things.

  3. Paul Stroup says:

    I have 120, 000 on my 3.8 L Grand Prix. I used Amsoil until I couldnt afford it any longer which was 20000 mi ago. I saw Restore and decided to try a can at my latest oil change. After 10 days I am getting odors from the engine compartment and my check engine light came on.

    My sons 97 Honda 2.2 l has engine blow by so bad when i added oil while it was running substantial air cam out of the filler cap. A friend reccomended Restore. He put in a can and the next day his check engine light came on. Is this coincidence?

    • admin says:

      Ummmm, I dont think so. I have used Restore many times without incident. I think its just a coincidence…..hope so anyway.

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