I Need a Rebuilt or New Engine for My Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Reader Question I have a question about my SUV’s engine. don’t know if you can answer this kind of questions. I have a Mitsubishi Montero Sport 1998 It overheated and have to replace the engine. the engine was already burning a lot of oil. It had 215,000 miles.

I am planning on repair it because the whole truck still in good conditions and I like it. I heard that an engine from the same truck Mitsubishi Montero Sport but a model 2003 will work in this truck. this engine from this 2003 model is in real good conditions. low mileage. Or it will be better to just rebuilt my original engine.

Thank you..


That’s a tough question to answer. I would not let anyone rebuild that engine, it’s pretty complicated and if you are not familiar with it or have the right parts, the rebuild will be junk, but you won’t know that until it’s rebuilt and installed….then it’s too late. If you had a Chevy truck, no problem, just about any rebuilder can handle that with little problems.

I would also not recommend switching models and year models…not sure if there will be a problem, but my gut says you are asking for trouble. If you said you found a 1999, that might be close enough in years to not really make a difference, but you are talking about a 4 year difference AND a different model. I am SURE there are/were design changes during those years. The basic engine might look the same and it might actually bolt up, but will the computer systems and emissions components be compatible…probably not.

See if you can find an exact match from a junk yard. Most junk yards will also sell you an extended warranty. You buy the motor and have your mechanic install it for you…but YOU take the warranty responsibility.

To be totally honest…I would rather see you get a new car, or newer car. Remember the rest of the vehicle is 8 years old and has 215,000 miles on it. Do you REALLY want to sink a few grand into this vehicle and take the risk of other costly repairs arising in the new future? Not me!


Austin C. Davis

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