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1998 Mitsubishi Lancer Clutch Makes Noise In Reverse

Reader Question

Dear Mr Austin,

Can I ask why is my Mitsubishi Lancer 1.3 (Year 1998)having noise when i am parking. There is a metal to metal knocking one time sound when the brake is applied while in reverse motion at half clutch position.

The sound will be gone after that. This sound don’t always appear. I have service my brake caliper and change new brake
pad in front and skim the brake behind, but the sound
still don’t go away. I just change the full set of clutch because it was burned during going up slope and i wasn’t aware that the clutch pad finished.

Looking forward to your kind advise soon.

Best Regards,

Hello Desmond,

I really need to drive the vehicle and hear the noise. I would suspect something in the brakes, but you have already replaced what I would suggest you try. Does it make noise with the clutch fully released? If not, you might have something loose in the clutch, like the release bearing? If the noise is still there you might want to make sure the rear calipers are mounted correctly and are tight and not moving when you reverse.


Austin C. Davis

Reader Follow Up

First of all, Thank you for your advise….
The sound comes from the front and I guess it shouldn’t have anything to do with the rear caliper right?

And I also suspected something wrong with the new set
of clutch but I went back to the workshop, the mechanic told me that nothing is wrong with the clutch.

But I notice that this sound does not appear before my
old set of clutch was burned. And the newly replaced set of clutch is not original as well…could it be non-fitting?

Best Regards,

Hello Again Desmond


I would raise the vehicle up in the air on a lift, and have someone operate the clutch so you can listen for the noise while you are under the vehicle.

You probably do have a problem in the clutch, but I would rule out the possibility of a caliper that is loose in the front.

There are really 4 parts to the clutch that should be replaced.

1. Clutch disc
2. Clutch pressure plate
3&4.Release and pilot bearings

You might ask your mechanic if all these parts were replaced. There could be a part that is not fitting or aligning properly, but you might have to remove the clutch to determine that.

Austin C. Davis

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