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Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Turbo Kit

Reader Question: I am looking to purchase a Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. It is really easy to find turbo kits but my research has raised questions of needing to improve the pistons/rings and connecting rods.

Would this really be necessary, and about how long does it take (knowing mechanic prices/hour vary by area)?

Which parts would be best to upgrade to shore up the engine for a turbocharger? Can I just drop a kit in and be ok? If I do need to upgrade parts, what do I want to look for? I am thinking I will not need anything more than a stage 2 certainly, and probably only a stage 1, eventually to have an intercooler added on.


Hey Colin,

Thanks for the e-mail.

I have no experience in this area. I have seen cars with turbo kits, but have never tried to do it myself or looked into what it takes to do it.

I would see if there is a Mitsubishi car club in your area and talk to those guys.

I would bet someone has done what you are trying to do and could save you a lot of time and money. Do a Google search for them in your area and look on the Google and Yahoo message board and groups to locate them.

Austin Davis

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  1. Theodis Johnson says:

    Hey Orlando, my name is Tk. Im going thru the same thing as the last person. But I drive a 2007 Eclipse GS. Would i be able to get pretty much all the same mods and stick it in my car? And another question how much would I be pushing, horsepower and torque wise. Im in the army and love blowing money on fun stuff. If you could get back to me asap I’d appreciate it.

  2. Orlando says:

    Hey Colin,
    I don’t know why Austin replied if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Here’s your answer:
    YES! You want to upgrade your pistons/rings. The Connecting Rods on the Mitsubishi 2.4L MIVEC engines can handle that kind of pressure if your looking to stay under 6 PSI, but doesn’t hurt to upgrade. That’s the amount of boost. When you run Turbo on a rather stock engine, the stock pictons can’t handle that kind of heat and pressure and will ultimately bend and snap!
    Another upgrade you might want to look into Supercharher! If your not aware of the difference, Supercharger’s are Belt driven forced induction where as a Turbo use back pressure to spool up the turbine. But once again you want to protect your engine and upgrade the internals.
    Are there any other upgrades you should consider other than the Pistons/Rings and Connector rods? A big YES! The fuel Injectors and Fuel rails are configured for a low pressure set up. Another thing to consider is your exhaust system! Stock exhaust kits have serious CAT Conver and resonators that are for a lack of a phrase, “SHUTTING UP AND SLOWING DOWN!” your car. Bolt-on exhaust kits are great, but if you can find a great mechanic who is skilled in pipe-bending, a costum exhaust can run you about $350-$550 are your local Midas dealer!
    The reason for the Exhaust is because every good mechanic will tell you, what you put in is what you want to put out! Turbo kits come with the proper headers and intake format. So you want to get that air out as quickly out! You want to install an intercooler with your turbo kit, it’s just smart mechanics! Keep that air cooled at all times.
    Another thing is you want to monitor your purchase to safe guard your turbo, your engine, and yourself. Air/Fuel ratio guage, Volt meter, Boost meter, and Oil/Water Temp guages are what I recommend. One last product is a good Turbo Timer from APEXi! All in All, you never want to just install a turbo kit into a vehicle! AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! BRAKES! Upgrade your speed, upgrade you stopping!
    06-09 Mitsubishi GS 2.4L MIVEC (roughly)
    Turbo Kit W/intercooler: $$3,495.00
    AEM Fuel Controller (include injectors):$1,195.00
    Forged Pistons & Rings: $499
    MagnaFlow Exhaust kit: $680.00
    3 Guage Pod with guages: $156.00
    Big Break set: $1,795.00
    Torsen WaveTrac Limited Slip Diff (not required): $975
    The look of Honda’s in your rear-view mirror: PRICELESS!!!

    Hoped this helped!
    Old Bridge, NJ

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