Mercury Cougar – What Clear Fluid Could Be Leaking In The Rear?

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Car: 1995 Mercury Cougar, XR-8 (V-8)

Mileage: Approximately 67,300 miles

Oil: Level okay

Transmission Fluid: Level okay

Steering Fluid: Level okay

Coolant: Okay

I have a leak somewhere under the rear end of the car. The mechanic at the dealer garage said it was a transmission oil leak. The fluid seems to be mostly clear in that it doesn’t have the appearance (on the ground) of any of the above. Do you have any ideas/suggestions? HELP!!!!!

If you reply to my query, will you please address it directly to me so I don’t miss it? I love my cougar, and I don’t want anything to happen to it. I have all documentation regarding repairs, etc. I just had new calipers, etc., put on the rear, and the front rotors were smoothed out. All of the guys on whom I relied at the dealership have moved on, so there really isn’t anyone there I can say I trust. They seem to be more into “sales”. I’m on a fixed income, so I can’t be spending what money I have on unnecessary repairs.

I would really appreciate hearing from you. My thanks and appreciation.



Your Cougar, is it Front Wheel Drive? I honestly don’t remember if it was RWD or FWD. Clear liquid is probably brake fluid, and since you mentioned this “I just had new calipers” I would REALLY suspect you have a brake fluid leak, I would crawl under the vehicle and inspect the metal brake lines, and the backs of each rear wheel for signs of this leak. Also check the brake fluid level to see if it is low.

The transmission is in the front if FWD, and in the center of the car between the driver and the passenger if it is RWD. Transmission fluid is usually pinkish or light brown, pull the transmission dipstick and see if the color matches.

Let me know what you find out.
Austin C. Davis

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