Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Manual

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Good afternoon Austin!

Just wanted to thank you for all that you do with your site. Everything is fantastic. I have been working on all kinds of cars and trucks since I was fifteen (really only because I had to!) and your site has referenced so many of the common knowledge problems that only someone who has actually worked on these things would know.

I have a 1987 Mercedes Benz 420SEL that I am rebuilding (and modifying and adapting to my own vision of “my car”). Recently, the A/C and Instrument cluster went completely off, concurrently and simultaneously, and I knew I had real trouble now, not having the shop manual ($150 CD!?!) or any schematics for the electrical system. Chasing wiring harnesses with a multimeter, and not to mention having to endure the hottest heat wave of the summer, all the while not knowing how fast, or how much oil pressure, or what RPM, and if the engine is overheating, really made me hate life for over a week.

I remembered seeing ALLDATADIY on your sight. This subscription changed everything after one night of downloading the schematics and locating the common wiring terminal lead that was the problem.

It definitely saved me a lot of time and aggravation. I wouldn’t have subscribed but for your recommendation. Let me know how much your commission was supposed to have been since I inadvertantly didn’t go through your website. I believe you are owed the credit! The site is well worth the investment.

You’re the Best!
Thank you,

Hello there Randall,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I am glad Alldata was able to help you out…because I could not have! I am not a Mercedes mechanic, and those cars especially the wiring systems are a breed all their own. Alldata is a GREAT service, and it is soo cheap. I get TONS and TONS of emails all day from guys who REFUSE to buy Alldata, but they will spend $100’s buying and replacing parts as a guess.

It just makes sense to me, get the proper information about your exact make and model and just about anyone can repair their own car.

Have a great day…you owe me nothing.

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Austin C. Davis

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