Mazda MX 6 Recall Due to Spider Webs

OK, just when you think you have heard of everything…..out of control gas pedals on Toyota’s, Ford F150 pickup airbags that deploy on their own, Michelin tires that blow out and roll over a vehicle. Now you have to worry about spider webs, yep….it’s the spider’s fault this time.

Seems there is just enough room for a spider to access and build a web inside the fuel tank vent tube, which could cause the vent to become restricted and increase the change of a fuel leak or fire. This is coming from Mazda itself, I am not making this stuff up. How could you, its way to crazy even for me to make up.

Affected vehicles are 2009-2010, which is about 50,000 US vehicles and another 15,000 Canada and Mexico vehicles. A Mazda spokesperson AKA spiderman, said that 20 or so dealers have reported the problem. Huh…..just 20? And we are going to recall how many……?

So, if you own a Mazda MX6 you might want to visit your local dealership and have little Miss Muffit removed, or at least have the access hole closed so she does not pay you a visit. Poof!

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  1. Cazisk says:

    wow I’ve never heard of this before, wonder how they tracked that problem down…

    on one hand though its good that mazda is listening unlike some problems which dealers seems to ignore but after just 20 incidents…thats crazy lol

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