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Mazda 323 Automatic Transmission Will Not Go in Drive or Reverse

Reader Question My Mazda 323 auto was leaking transmission fluid we have managed to stop that and everything seemed fine then it suddenly stopped and wont drive or reverse please could you give me any advice thank you

Hey there

If the transmission will not pull itself in drive or in reverse, you are either out of transmission fluid or extremely low on transmission fluid or there is an internal problem inside the transmission. If the fluid is full, and the linkage to the transmission from the gear shifter is working properly…you are going to need to see a transmission repair shop.

I wrote this article awhile back, but is still good information when looking for a transmission repair shop

Automatic Transmission Shop Advice


Austin Davis

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  1. ilham ibrahim says:

    hi all… i had removed Mazda 1995 Automatic transmission to replace rear crank seal,Once all done i started car had bad i removed transmission again, found Toque Converter not fully insert… so i push toque-converter fully insert. completed the job, I started car all fine but having trouble with reverse gear.. won’t reversing properly.. D gear drives fine… all gear shifting ok,

    Can anyone advice regarding this please ..
    thank you

    • Austin says:

      This kinda sounds like a linkage problem, triple check the linkage from the shifter inside the vehicle to the transmission. Make sure nothing is in the way, or binding the linkage.

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