Mazda 323 Seems to Idle Rough and Dies Sometimes

Hello Mr.Davis

I have a 323 Mazda 1987 at present I have a problem. When I
start the car it is idling good. When I put it into drive the gear,after driving for (5) minutes the engine is racing and the gears is not changing,the car will lost power and cut off.

Then I will restart the car after (10) minutes I will put it into drive gear,after driving for (5) minutes the same will happen

Can you please assist me with your knowledge.
Thanks in advance

Hello back Patrick

Hummm interesting. I think I would first look under the good to see if there is a vacuum leak somewhere, like from the air cleaner to the engine…that large black hose. Do you see a hole in it, or can you hear a sucking noise coming from it with the engine running in park?

If you have a broken motor or transmission mount, it will allow the engine to move up and down and could have plugged apart that hose or it’s connections. You might be able to see if there is excess movement in the engine by having someone inside the car place the transmission in drive and also reverse then with one foot on brake slowly bring up the engine speed with the accelerator.

If the engine moves more than an inch, your motor mounts are probably bad…watch the black hose as this happens and any other rubber hoses to see if they cause an air leak/vacuum leak.

Austin Davis

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