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I have a 2006 Honda Accord EX (3.0L) fitted with a 6-speed manual transmission. While I have no major issues with the car, putting the transmission in 3rd gear is sometimes more difficult than it should be.

The gear just doesn’t seem to engage easily and I have to push it a bit harder to feel it click that last .5″. Is this a problem on a car with 68,000 miles that has had every inspection done on time?

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Hey Brian

If it’s a hydraulic clutch I would check the clutch fluid level and top off with brake fluid.  The clutch reservoir is probably next to the brake fluid if it’s a hydraulic system under the hood of the car.  When the fluid gets low, it is hard to select gears and you will grind the gears when you try to shift.

If not hydraulic I would inspect the clutch cable for need of adjustment or replacement. Same with the low fluid issue, a worn out clutch cable can cause hard to shift and gear grinding issues.

Worst case scenario is there is internal wear inside the transmission or the clutch is worn out.  I would not be too surprised if the clutch needs to be replaced at this mileage.  You want to replace the clutch disc, the pressure plate and release or pilot bearing when you do the job.

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  1. bob says:

    Dave is right, honda service bulletin 08-020 addresses this problem. The syncro ring or the 3-4 shift sleeve is bad and must be replaced. Call american honda and try to get some assistance with the repair bill, they are usually good with helping customers out.

  2. Dave says:

    it’s your 3rd gear blocker ring. this is a very common problem on new honda tranys, regardless or milage, and they’re known for expiring prematurely.
    you can look it up on a internet forum if you wish.

    I know in most cases on other cars the transmission is usually just replaced, but i’ve heard many storys of shops actually rebuilding this transmission instead, in interest of a better price.

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