How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Here are some useful tips on how you can lower your car’s insurance premiums:

Maintain a Good Credit Rating: Now several insurance companies are following credit-scoring techniques to calculate your car insurance premium. If you keep a good credit history, you can avoid any extra insurance premium that an insurance company may add to your price for having a bad credit score.

Buy a Lower Group Car: It is one of the important factors, which insurance companies consider while determining your insurance coverage. There are hundreds of different cars on the road; therefore, the insurance companies segregate them up into groups. Normally, higher the group rating for your car, the higher your car insurance premium will be.

No Claims Bonus: The biggest aspect influencing the cost of your car insurance premium is how many ‘No Claims Bonus Years’ you have. Most insurance companies consider ‘Full No Claims Bonus’ to be 5 years or more.

This can provide you massive discounts, in a few cases up to 75%. By being a safe driver and keeping away from possible road accident claims, you can continue to gain by increasing your number of claim free years.

Have a Higher Voluntary Excess: During the quotation process for your car, you would be asked about how much voluntary excess you want to have. Insurance companies will usually incorporate a compulsory excess amount on the insurance policy but provide you a chance to increase this if you desire. The more the voluntary excess the lower your premium would be. Nevertheless, in case you file a claim, you will have to pay a higher amount, up to the total amount of excess on your policy.

Pay Your Premium in One Installment: By paying for your car insurance in one installment, you can evade paying extra interest charges that would be added on if you choose to pay by multiple installments. The interest charges levied can be large, so try to pay car insurance premium money by paying the whole amount up-front.

Improve Security of Your Car: Break-in and from your car are significant concerns when an auto insurance company calculates your insurance premiums.

Most insurance companies will offer you a discount for having better security of your vehicle. Some insurance companies may persist on having such security devices installed on desirable and more costly cars before they even consider providing you an insurance quote.

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