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Lincoln Zephyr – Picture and Review From 2006 Auto Show

2006 – 2007 LINCOLN ZEPHYR

It’s clear to identify the car family that gave birth to the Zephyr, which has the notably distinctive Lincoln front grill. I saw a Zephyr sitting on the floor at the 2006 Houston Auto Show and can’t say I was dazzled.

The Zephyr has a V6 engine and 221 horses which is a bit more horsepower than the Lexus IS series. The interior, like that of the Lexus, is quite roomy. They claim they have built this car with extra sound proofing to keep extraneous noise away from your driving experience.

The instrument panel is simple, but very easy to navigate and has a sporty but luxurious feel to it. It is not a Mercedes, but for a mid priced American car….it’s pretty nice.

They boast a THX II Certified Sound System. Other aspects of its interior were cited by as “…an interior that easily ranks among Lincoln’s finest” if that’s a comparison that’s of interest to you.

Other notable aspects of the Lincoln Zephyr are its interesting interior appointments. They have combined shiny chrome with soft nickel along with wood trim. In fact, the wood trim can be found on the hand areas of the steering wheel, which would offer you a unique driving sensation.

The Lincoln Zephyr also offers leather seats and many settings for a multi-powered front seats that include heating controls.

It appears that Lincoln wants to upgrade the image of their Zephyr line to remove any “economy car” stigma. Let’s see how the public reacts.

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