Lincoln Town Car Brake Vibration – Front Pads and Rotors are New

Reader Question Austin,

I am stumped. I have a beautiful 1996 Lincoln Town car. Only 80,000 mi. The front brake rotors have been replaced with new ones, also new pads. Mine you the car vibrated in the front before when applying the brakes, so everything was replaced. It still does the same thing with the new parts. Could it be something with the ABS and why would it still vibrate? This really has me puzzled. Need some advice.


You mean when you apply the brakes you get a vibration? If so, are you sure it is coming from the front? Does the steering wheel shake when you step on the brake, or are you feeling the vibration in the seat? If the steering wheel shakes, the pulsation is probably in the front brakes.

Things to check:

1. Sometimes brand new rotors are warped and need to be trued

2. Not installing the rotor correctly and/or not tightening the lug nuts in a star pattern can cause the rotor to be cockeyed. (called rotor run out)

To test for warped rear rotors: I will drive about 30 mph on a deserted street and apply the park brake SLOWLY (while holding the park brake release handle so the park brake does latch) if you can feel the vibration or a pulsation….you need to turn the rear drums or rotors.

Let me know what you find.

Austin C. Davis

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