Lexus Brake Light Bulb Failure Light Comes On Dash

Reader Question Dear Sir: thanks for your web site. I did search it for this answer but no luck. I have a feeling it’s a straight forward answer. I hope so. I have a 1993 LS400. When I step on the brake pedal, the R light in the dash,( I’m driving in D) comes on and the symbol for a burnt out brake light appears in the dash. Take my foor off the brake pedal and the R light goes off but the symbol for aburnt out brake light remains on. I’ve recently changed both brake light bulbs and I checked the back up light bulbs, they are ok. So I
figure it’s some switch or another, just which one and where is it? Do you have any ideas? I’d appreciate a reply if you have time. thanks Tom.

Hi there Tom

I have a 93 GS300 and I have MANY brake light bulbs in the rear. There are 4 brake light bulbs at the bottom and 2 bulbs in the top “third” brake light at the top. If ANY of those brake light bulbs are burnt out….the light on the dash will come on, so check them ALL.

Also, if the wrong type of bulb is used it could cause the dash light to come on. You should probably be using a 2057 bulb….look at the brass part of the bulb to get the part number….using a 1057 could be the culprit of the “R” light.

I would suspect the R light is coming on because the wrong brake light bulb has been installed and is causing a grounding problem?????

There COULD be a problem with the rear brake light socket if all the bulbs are good and the correct part number is used.

Let me know what you find out.


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