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Jeep Cherokee Automatic Transmission Wont Go Into Reverse

Reader Question Hello Austin. I have one question for you. I just bought 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. We tested it out, drove and reversed out of the driveway. We got home, and for some reason we can’t get it to go into reverse.

We just got it, and we had scrounge into our little bit of savings, so we dont really have alot of money to get it fixed, or rather we dont have enough to pay ten people to “look” at it.

From looking online, the closest thing I found was that it might be something with the transmission? I dont know. If you could please help us, it would be very greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Hello Tim,

If this is an automatic transmission and you put the selector in reverse, and nothing happens, but the engine revs up I would suspect either a problem inside the transmission or maybe the selector is not adjusted correctly.

Try moving the selector up and down a little to make sure it is engaging reverse gear correctly. If the shifter is really in the reverse selection, I would check the transmission fluid level and top off as needed. If the fluid is full, you need to seek a transmission shop.

If this is a standard shift, I would first look at the hydraulic fluid level in the clutch master cylinder, located near the brake master cylinder. Top off with brake fluid if low. If it was very low, you have a fluid leak in the system somewhere.


Austin Davis

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  1. marcy says:

    Hey very intеrestіng blog!

  2. John says:

    There is a huge in depth article on all the problems that can happen to a Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission here:

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