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Jeep Cherokee – Blower Motor Repair

Reader Question: Greetings,

Recently, I have discovered that mice have gotten into the blower housing of my Jeep Cherokee. The removal of the blower motor is rather extensive and costly. Viewing the area is not easy either.

However, it appears that there is a fresh air intake opening below the blower motor. Is that correct? If it is, would covering this opening with some metal screening to keep the critters and their food out do any harm to the blower motor. Any ideas on how to stop the little critters appreciated.



Hi Smith,

Yuk! Your suggestion might work. I do not see how it would harm the blower motor. Although I am not sure, that is how they are getting inside the housing that would mean they are getting inside your vehicle, and that you would see a pretty large opening somewhere under the dash and probably see a pile of debris on the floorboard?

I have not run into this problem before so I really do not have any hands on experience and hope I never do.

Austin Davis

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