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Isuzu Rodeo Is Hard To Start Sometimes

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Hi Austin,

I have a ’98 Isuzu Rodeo, and on cold start, it would take about 5-6 seconds before the engine starts. I believe it’s called “overturn”? Occasionally, it would start right away, but most of the time it’s at the 5-6 seconds. The engine eventually starts, but I’m afraid that somewhere down the line, it will not start at all.

My question is, is that starter going bad? Is it time for it to be changed? The battery is good, because I had it checked at a local auto part store. And the fuel pump has been replaced sometime last year. Any help would be greatly appreciated, including any other troubleshooting techniques. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Good morning Leo,

This could be lots of things, and i would highly recommend you take it to a qualified mechanic for a proper diagnosis…..otherwise we are just going to be guessing at parts, and that usually costs more money than a proper diagnosis.

1. Could be low fuel pressure due to a weak fuel pump
2. could be a dirty throttle body which needs to be cleaned
3. could be worn out spark plugs and spark plug wires
4. could be a bad coolant temperature sensor

could be all kinds of things that I hate to even mention because it would be guessing……and I dont like to guess…… your expense. 🙂

Keep me posted if you would, it will help the next person.

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