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Does Intake Spacer Plate Increase Engine Performance?

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I have a Ford F-150 2004 with a 5.4L V8. Is it worth to use a throttle body spacer to improve the performance? I already have a K&N cool air intake on it, but I keep reading on the extra performance for the money that you get with a spacer. Also, if doing it, does the brand matter (ie. Airraid has one for $105, TransDapt and Summitracing have one for less than $50) or any reputable brand and the right model for the engine is all that is needed?



I have never used the spacer plate before so I really can not comment. Using a high performance intake manifold can increase performance, so I can only speculate that using a spacer would add SOME additional performance…probably not very much, but some. I would think the taller the better, but don’t have a clue as to the better brands.

There are sometimes some racing guys that visit my online forum board, this might be a good question to post there to get their opinion.

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