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2001 Hyundai Sonota GLS – Rear Window Fell Down What Is the Cost?

Reader Question Window regulators replaced in my rear doors, the windows were off track & wouldn’t go back up. I had a window done before they billed me 1 hour labor, today they billed me 2.6 hours labor for the two windows.

To me that doesn’t add up. What is your opinion? Thanks again for your help. The work has been done so answer at your convenience. I’m trying to figure out if I want to continue to take my car there for service or if I should start shopping around. I use to have great confidence in this shop but people come and go and I am beginning to question if they are as honest with their time charges as they use to be.

Hello Sandra

The 2.6 hours labor IS the correct labor chargeā€¦I think the original 1 hour charge was a little got a great deal then, and are getting a fair deal now. I would say these guys sound ok to me and probably do have your better insterest at heart. if you have worked with them in the past and have felt comfortable with their work until now.

I would suggest you talk with them and let them know that you have recently began to second guess some of the charges and the reasons why you visit their shop. If they know you are on the fence about coming back to them for future business they might make some changes in how they handle your visits from now on….I know I would!

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