Hydrogen Car Conversion Plans

I have been getting lots of email asking about converting their cars to run on water and Hydrogen…I am learning about this subject just like you are, so I thought I would post as much info about the subject as I could.

My readers have found my review very helpful

Convert Your Car To Run On Water

How to Convert Car to Run On Water?

By Judd Marshall

Do you want to learn how you can convert your car to run on water? It might sound unbelievable, as I initially thought as well, until I went ahead to try it myself. There have been many previous attempts to create alternative fuel sources, like the electric car which ultimately failed. So is water really a viable source of energy for our cars?

1. Can You Really Convert Your Car To Run On Water?

Fox News had earlier released a video report of a man who currently runs his car with water. It demonstrates how the man is able to extract a gas called Brown Gas (HHO) from water. HHO burns more efficiently than regular gasoline and also produces more energy.

2. How To Avoid The Scary Rise In Gas Prices?

Many attempts are currently being made to find alternative fuel sources, simply because the prices of gas are becoming too high. It is almost hard to believe that some people are still able to carry on driving without taking any actions about their increased fuel costs.

3. How Can You Build This System Yourself?

This hybrid system does not require you to make any direct modification to your car engine and parts. It is simply an add-on component that can be built by anyone from their own homes. It has already helped me save tremendously on fuel costs, and requires you to make a 5 minute maintenance every week to make sure everything is working correctly.

4. Why Is Using Water Better Than Gasoline?

It is discovered by researchers that the standard car engine is really optimally designed, and only 20% of gasoline we buy is used to produce energy. The remaining 80% is wasted on unburnt gas, heating and pollution.

Are you sick of expensive gas prices, and you want to convert your car to run on water? Read the author’s review of the Best DIY Water Car Guides on the internet at http://www.review-best.com/water-powered-car-guides.htm and run your car with water today!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Hey, you folks need to stop with the anecdotes and conspiracy theories and look at some science.



    This HHO is the stuff for not so trusty mechanics

  2. Rozer says:

    Are you sick of paying more than $3 a gallon for gasoline only to see the prices continue to rise gas? Are you sick of lining the pockets of the billionaires in the oil game that rake in obscene salaries while people like you and I suffer as we struggle to put enough gas in our cars to get to work each day?Brown’s gas , hydrogen from electrolysis at least 20%better gas mileage. More Details please visit http://www.hyfusion.com

  3. Alex says:

    If hydrogen car conversion is readily available (-and such a great idea), how come you don’t hear any car manufacturer adding this to their cars ? They want to sell their cars, don’t they?

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