How to Shop and Apply for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

Essence of an Auto Loan

It is a credit designed for the purchase of a car and nothing but a car. The basic conditions are that the loan has a determined payment term, between 36 and 72 months for a new car and a somewhat shorter period for a used car.

The car itself secures the loan, so the dealer will typically keep the title deed until the payment is totally fulfilled. Should you fail to pay, he may keep the car and resell it to obtain his compensation.

As Far As the Auto Loan Is Concerned

There is no direct incidence of bad credit on this type of loan. However, if your credit rating is terrible, you may be suggested to reduce your debt and repair your credit before you apply for an auto loan. This is because some dealers do not like to have a reputation of “keeping people’s cars” in case of a default.

Lookout for ruthless dealers, but bear in mind that a car loan can at times be indirectly affected by a bad credit rating.

A Down Payment

Usually, when buying a new car, you will be required to make a down payment of up to 20% of the value of the vehicle, or trade in your old model. Thus, the loan is filed in for the difference. If you are purchasing a used car, it will typically have a loan value, which is a safe percentage of the total value of the car for the granting of a loan without great risk.

So, As You Can See

As you can see, you may be a bad borrower or a compulsive spender and still you are entitled to an auto loan. Of course, you know by now that there are things about your spending habits, attention to payments and/or compulsive buying that you MUST change in order to make it worthwhile to buy a car on credit and aspire to keep it.

Begin the Shopping

The difference between a good deal and a bad deal lies in both the terms and conditions of the loan, as well as the price and quality of the car, plus the insurance policy. A lender who specializes in car loans has contacts virtually everywhere, so that he can get you just the right car for you, a good guarantee, a good deal on the insurance and the backup of a good name.

A Good Name

A good name is everything, definitely. You may get free quotes on-line and prices of cars, both new and used, but look for those who publish their physical addresses and offer a follow up of the whole operation, not only the loan. Nowadays, competition is so fierce, that those who give a better service, besides a good price and conditions, achieve real success.

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