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How To Save Money on Fuel

The fuel prices continue to rise, and money in your wallet evaporates more quickly each time. There are many ways you can spend less money on fuel and reduce consumption. But you must think and plan new strategies!

1. Limit your driving.
2. Find great prices.
3. Take care of your car.
4. Fill efficiently. Fill it out completely. Try to save money by adding $10 today and spending $20 tomorrow, because every time you have to go to the station, you will be wasting time and fuel.
Do not refill the tank between each time you fill it.
Wait to have ΒΌ tank, but not less.
5. Check the air in your tires every few weeks and keep the air pressure at the level recommended by the manufacturer.
6. Buy a diesel.
7. Buy a hybrid.
8. Buy a smaller car.
9. Buy a motorcycle or scooter instead.
10. Avoid being idle. In doing so, the car spends more. Driving in vacuum with the air conditioning on also uses extra fuel. In turn, avoid going too fast to avoid having to stop someone. When braking, spends the same fuel it took to go fast.
11. Plan trips in advance . Plan to use alternative routes. Try to organize your trip in light traffic areas.
12. Use a GPS to find the shortest and fastest way to reach your destination.
13. Drive at a constant speed.
14. Avoid stops . If you approach a red light, see if you can slow down without having to stop completely (it comes to light when it is green)
15. Anticipate stop signs and traffic lights . Know your route.
16. Keep a safe distance from another car . Do not stick to the car is in front of you. Brake more and accelerate more to keep that little unsafe distance.
17. Slow down . Air resistance goes up as your speedometer. The energy required to overcome the resistance climbs in proportion to the speedometer. To be precise, the most efficient speed is the minimum of his car in the higher gear.
18. Slow start full braking.
19. Stay away from stores where you lose a lot of time driving empty or waiting for pedestrians or other vehicles.
20. Use air conditioning in the highway . At lower speeds, open the window.
21. Change to neutral if you feel comfortable with downshifting.
22. Park in the shade . The fuel actually evaporates from your tank, and does it very quickly if you park in direct sunlight – either in summer or winter. If there is not enough shade, park so that the tank is not directly exposed to the sun.

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