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How to Remove Car Window Tint

A common cause of irritation for many car owners is their vehicle’s deteriorating window film. Said depreciating condition can be the result of the change in color of the tint or the emergence of bubbles, which is a warning that the adhesive is failing and the window tint is staring to fall. And due to such irritation, a lot of people make the mistake of simply peeling the widow tint, which has the tendency of leaving a sticky mess and scraping that off the window would take hours. So here’s a simple way on how to remove window tint without that much hassle.

Before you start performing the steps on how to remove window tint, ensure that it will be a sunny day. Rainfall might totally ruin your efforts in doing so. The first step would be to cut garbage bags into sizes similar to that of the car’s window. When done, have soapy water sprayed onto the window and cover it with one of the garbage bags. Make sure that the plastic is smoothed flat. Wear a face mask and have the interior of the car protected with a tarp. This is necessary because the next step would be spraying a bit of ammonia to the window tint.While it’s still wet, quickly cover the same with another garbage bag. Such plastic covering will help in adsorbing the heat from the sun and would make the peeling easier. The next step would be to start peeling the window tint with your nail or a razor blade until it comes off.

If after performing such procedures on how to remove window tint, there are still some residual adhesive, you can easily remove them with a bit of ammonia and fine steel wool. When done, clean the surface using a glass cleaner and some paper towels.

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