How to Reduce Your Teen’s Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance providers consider teen drivers to be risky to insure. Therefore, they charge higher premiums on teen drivers. You can reduce your teen car insurance rate through simple methods:

Teach your teen to follow traffic regulations diligently and maintain a clean driving record. You can set an example too. A single traffic violation on your teen’s driving record can push auto insurance costs two to three times more.

Enroll your teen in regular driving classes and allow them to complete qualified driver’s educational courses. These earn you discounts on your auto insurance.

Allow your teen to drive safe and ordinary cars. You could make them drive old cars. New cars cost more to insure and higher if there are teen drivers in the list of drivers. Risk of theft is low with old cars and hence, gets you low auto insurance premiums.

Student drivers with good grades could earn discounts of around 25% on auto insurance rates.

See that your teen stays away from alcohol and drugs. Under age drinking and driving is illegal and could make your auto insurance null and void.

Shop around for different auto insurance providers regularly to come across providers offering lower auto insurance for your teen.

Your insurance agent can help you locate suitable auto insurance providers. Go out with your teen for regular drives to analyze how well they follow traffic rules.

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