How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

Following these twenty tips can lower auto insurance premiums substantially:

1. Drive carefully adhering to traffic regulations to have fewer or no accidents.

2. Refrain from speeding tickets on your driving license.

3. Shop around auto insurance providers and avail most suitable coverage at competitive costs.

4. Maintain good credit report to benefit from lower auto insurance premiums.

5. Drive for short distances to benefit from low mileage discount.

6. Choose high deductible to benefit from low auto insurance premiums.

7. Combine auto insurance with other insurances like health or life insurance to avail multi-policy discount.

8. Make your car safer by installing anti-brake locks, automatic seat belts, and air bags to lower costs of auto insurance premiums.

9. Mention a realistic car value to receive appropriate auto insurance premiums.

10. Keep necessary drivers’ names on auto insurance to remove extra costs.

11. Pay auto insurance premium in advance in a single installment.

12. Take defensive driving classes to receive discounts.

13. Do not purchase luxury cars or high-value sports utility cars.

14. Keep auto insurance record claim free.

15. Married drivers receive lower auto insurance premiums, as they drive more responsibly.

16. Do not carry collision and comprehensive coverage on old cars, as insurance cost exceeds claims.

17. Keep one or two open credit cards, as more credit cards increase auto insurance premium costs.

18. Purchase auto insurance online to benefit from low overhead costs of auto insurance providers.

19. Ask about group auto insurance through employers, alumni or professional groups and similar associations.

20. Do away with unnecessary coverage on auto insurance like towing coverage or road side assistance.

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