How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

Getting auto insurance must not leave you with a huge hole in a pocket. Auto insurance is mandatory for all cars, but you can significantly lower your auto insurance premiums if you keep these simple tips in mind.

1. When you insure your car, look around; search the Internet for the best deals from auto insurance companies for your car.

Consult independent websites that give unbiased views or refer to the insurance company ratings from rating agencies like Standard and Poor to get an idea of the best insurance rates for your vehicle. Check insurance rates for different vehicles at the website of your state insurance department.

2. Take the help of an independent agent to get the best rates for auto insurance. You can also contact the company directly and bargain your way through to get a policy that offers the best coverage at nominal premiums.

3. Drive safely as companies peg lower insurance premiums for safe drivers with less likelihood of accidents and subsequently lower claims.

4. Improve your credit score by reducing unnecessary spending on credit cards. Companies do not reduce insurance rates for high-risk individuals with a low credit score.

5. If you are a student, senior citizen or have married recently, inform the insurance company as they offer discounts to special categories of people.

6. Companies’ offer discounts to drivers who drive fewer miles or those who have taken a defensive driving course.
Buying group insurance through your employer can get you a significantly lower auto insurance premium.

7. If you have anti theft safety devices, use a locked garage, the company may offer you better insurance rates.

8. The insurance premium also depends on the price of the new or used car, the chances of its robbery and accidents and the cost of repairing it. So, compare insurance rates for differ car models and then choose a car that that suits your needs best.

9. For older cars, it makes no sense to include collision costs in the insurance. The cost of the premium itself exceeds the value of the car and is not worthwhile. Removing this coverage can reduce the insurance premium by thirty percent. However, if you drive a leased car, you may need the comprehensive and collision coverage.

10. Before finalizing the insurance, decide on the deductible you can afford to pay in case of a claim. A higher deductible means a lower outgo for the insurance premium.

11. If you buy a high-end car, it may be sensible to pay the insurance premium in installments and to earn interest on the money by investing it elsewhere.

12. If you have more than one car, bargain with the insurance company and get a good deal by insuring both vehicles from the same company.

13. Bundle homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, and buy them from the same company to get significant discounts on the insurance premiums.

14. Pay your insurance on time as defaulting can cost you dearly. Be careful specially while switching insurers and do not leave any period uncovered by insurance.

The above tips can surely help you get the best rates for your auto insurance premium.

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