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How Do I Fix the Horn Grounding Problem on My 98 Isuzu Rodeo?

Reader Question I have a horn, grounding out on a 98 Isuzu Rodeo. Do you have any idea on how to check it without bothering the airbag? It goes off at will and the only way to stop it from blowing is removing the fuse or disconnecting it. I am trying to avoid the high cost of repair if I can.

Thank you for any help you can give.


Hi Wes,

Be real careful working in that airbag area. Some models used an air bag clock spring to make contact with the horn pad on the inside of the steering wheel. You should visit the dealership parts department and ask to give you a printout of the horn contacts and how to gain access to them and if the air bag system uses this clock spring as the horn contact plate. If it does…I would have the dealer repair it.

The parts are only available at the dealer, so if the parts department knows you will buy the replacement parts from them if they can help you obtain some information and a print out of the parts…..they will usually do it for you. The parts guys usually know what parts fail more often than others.

Austin Davis

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