How To Buff a Car

car waxI get so many emails from my visitors every day, and I really enjoy them, thank you so much for making this site one of the top car repair websites on the net.

Last week I got a few closely related emails about car wax and how to buff a car type of questions. Then the next week I got a few emails about how to remove scratches from the paint surface of a car.

So to be totally honest…I am not a professional car detail guy. I figured if you wanted to go to one of those guys you would have done so already and not googled me 🙂

But, I am an auto repair guy and this is what I do on my personal vehicles and can recommend you try yourself at home (with no real fancy chemicals or tools).

In this short video I am talking about removing scratches from the paint surface of the vehicle. Then after you remove the scratch how to buff the car to get the luster and protection back.

Take a quick look while you are at work and your boss is at lunch 🙂

If you have waxed your vehicle properly the finish should bead up once it’s wet and look like the picture at the top of the post. Those small beads of water is what tells you the wax coating is working.


Now before you say “you did that in full sunlight” yes, 1) because the camera did not like me working in the shade, 2), I never let the sun completely dry the product as you can see how easy it was to remove.

For best results you want to start with a clean and dry paint surface, and if possible not in full hot sun that will bake the product onto the paint and make it hard to remove.

If you have a black vehicle, those are DIFFICULT to do because of the swirl marks the wipe off rag produces, which does not show up near as much with any other color.

If you do have a black vehicle, do not use circular motions, move side to side with limited downward pressure….OR just pay a professional to detail the vehicle for you. 🙂

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