How to Apply for an Auto Equity Loan

There are several companies across the United States, which specialize in providing instant, short-term cash loans on vehicles. These companies also offer long-term cash loans. Normally they do not consider good credit when sanctioning loans.

These companies provide easy access to funding for customers who would otherwise have to go through long delays and tiresome processing to procure a loan. The plus point is that these companies invariably provide greater loan amounts than traditional moneylenders.

In a way, these lenders give an opportunity to their borrowers to establish and improve their credit and credit rating. These companies try to ensure that they streamline the loan process thereby making it less time consuming while giving courteous, friendly, and prompt service. Many companies are planning to further diversify their loan portfolios and enhance the services offered to customers.

For an auto equity loan, the equity of the vehicle secures the loan for the consumer, not the customer’s credit. Loan amounts range from $500 to $25000 and interest rates are as low as 1.2% per month depending on the loan amount. If the customer does not have a good credit then he is referred to a national credit bureau so that the customer can establish a good credit.

There is no prepayment penalty charged, and interest is paid only for the time the loan is outstanding. Comprehensive and collision insurance are required. If this is not possible, an optional collateral damage waiver is offered.

If the customer decides to choose the collateral damage waiver, the amount is included in the monthly payment.

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