How Much to Install a Used Automatic Transmission?

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I am considering purchasing a salvage transmission for my son’s old Chrysler Le baron. I want to know approximately what to expect to be charged for installation (either $ or approximate labor hours). He is a student – has little money – and I would like to help him but can only go so far, you know?

Thanks so much for your help! Michele

Hey there Michele

If you were in the Houston area, you would expect to pay about $425- 500 for labor to install a used transmission that you purchased and had delivered to the repair shop that was doing the install.

I would expect to pay about $175-250 for the transmission itself depending on how many miles where on it. All used parts are negotiable, so don’t settle for the quote they give you on the phone…go visit them in person and bring cash money with you and offer them 30% less than what you were quoted on the phone.

You got nothing to loose. You can sometimes buy an extended warranty from the junk yard just encase you get a bad one, which sometimes happens.


Austin Davis

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