How Much Should New Brakes and Rotors Cost?


What should it cost for me to:
1. Replace Rotor and install new Pad + Labor
2. True/resurface rotor and install new pad + labor.

Does it matter if I use a mom and pop or brand name place?


Thanks for the help.



Hello Mike

A mom and pop place would work just fine, and probably recommended due to cost savings over a dealership.

I would use aftermarket brake rotors (not from dealership)

I would GUESS that brake rotors will cost about $50 each give or take and brake pads should be about $50 and labor to install them roughly $100, so $250+ taxes etc. if you are able to get the parts that cheap. Some shops will allow you to supply your own parts and you just pay the labor and you have your own warranty from your parts supplier.

resurfacing original rotors could cost you $50 in labor, so I would rather see you replace them which will give you a better job in the long run

Hope this helps

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Austin Davis

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