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How Much Should It Cost To Replace My Brake Pads?

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I have a 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8 SL sedan. How much should it cost (ballpark) to replace the front brake pads, resurface the rotors, and replace the rear
brake shoes?   Thank you in advance for your help.


Hey there,

I would expect to pay about $225-275 for a front brake job at most repair shops, and probably about $325-375 at the Nissan dealer.

You might want to ask around for a mom and pop type auto repair shop and see if one will let you bring your own parts, and you just pay them for the labor. You can buy the brake pads at any auto parts store pretty cheap.

You probably have rear disc brakes, so you have brake pads not shoes (assuming you have rear disc brakes)

I am assuming this is your first brake job, so I would not suspect to have to replace the rear brake pads until about 60,000 miles or so.  It will cost the same amount as the front brakes and require the same operation.

Austin Davis

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