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How Long Should My Lexus Brakes Last?

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I was having a conversation with my Dad just yesterday and he was saying he took in and dropped off his 2001 LS430 in for its regular service. In doing this they called him back after awhile and told him that the front brakes needed to be done. Now this car only has a little over 40,000 miles on it. They quoted him almost $500.00 per side. His driving habits are one of a 75 year old elderly man — very slow and careful and has been since both my
mom and him bought the car brand new in 2001.


Shouldn’t the brakes last longer than 40,000 miles on such an expensive car?

And is $1000.00+ for a front end brake job (both sides) what it really cost
for a car like this?

Thank you for your time,


Hey there John,

I have seen some cars needing a brake job at 25K miles and some not until 70K miles, just depends on the driving habits. Two foot drivers (although I have yet to have anyone admit to me that they drive two footed)….but I SEE them do it all the time unconsciously I suppose.

Now, paying $1000 for a front brake job is not something I would recommend you guys do. You should have no problem finding a local mom and pop shop to do it for less than half that I would suppose.  I would however suggest you use Lexus brake pads, they just seem to be quieter than after market pads. You might be able to buy the pads at the dealer and have a local repair shop install them for you.  I would also recommend you have the brake rotors trued, which will refinish them and give the new pads a smooth surface to grab on to.

Austin Davis

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  1. traffic ticket attorney says:

    brakes should be fixed before and after use of every car. right?

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