How Long Does It Take To Overhaul a Car Engine?

I get reader questions from time to time that ask me “how long should it take to overhaul or rebuild a car engine from start to finish?’  Well, that is a very hard question to answer because there are so many variables like.

1. What kind of car engine, what year and model?

2. Are you experienced and have overhauled a few engines in the past or are you more of a shade tree mechanic?

3. Do you have the proper tools and equipment to do the job?

4. Are there new parts available in your area or will you have to order them?

I was sent this very cool video from another reader today and it shows an older, non computerized 4 cylinder engine being overhauled from start to finish using stop motion video. This engine is VERY simple compared to most of today’s modern engines but you can get a feel for how many steps there are to go through to get to the finished product.

Great job on this, take a minute to check this video out and you will soon see why it takes so long and costs so much to do….


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