How Can I Save Gas In My Car?

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A guy I know was saying how he thinks he can save on gas by turning the engine off when going downhill and coast without polluting at the same time.

As for myself I sometimes turn the engine off when in the line up of a long red light or in the drive through for these reasons although it’s not significant money saved.

The idea is good, but does it make sense?
I told him I wonder if it will cause damage to some parts in the long

If it makes any difference, his car is a front wheel drive.

Hey there

I think that sounds really silly……I seriously doubt it will save any noticeable fuel savings unless you live in the Himalaya’s where the mountains area miles and miles of winding downhill roads….even then I doubt it will save any real amount of fuel.

When you coast down a hill or mountain isn’t your foot off the gas pedal anyway, so you are basically at idle speed. He will probably wear out his ignition switch before he sees any drastic reduction in emissions or fuel savings. It sounds like a logical idea…..just like the “New Coke” did…..but in reality it is doesn’t work.

Tell your friend to buy a Toyota Preuis, now that idea really will work for both of his goals.


Austin Davis

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