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Houston DWI Attorney

Reader Question Hey Austin, who do you recommend for a Houston DWI attorney? My son says he was not driving under the influence, but the cops sure say he was.
Don, Houston TX

Howdy Don

I suppose I am flattered that you asked ME for a recommendation for a Houston DWI attorney because I live in Houston…not that I would have prior experience in that area, I do not.

You know, I really can’t say or recommend an attorney to you because I honestly don’t know one to recommend. I did have a fraternity brohter in college that was arrested for DWI and he did seek legal help and hired a DWI lawyer…and he got off basically with probation and a small fine. Things have probably changed since then and I hear the penalties are much tougher.

I see a Houston DWI attorney plastered to the front of my Yellow Pages phone book….check yours and give them a call I suppose. I don’t want to mention their name or endorse them on this site. There will also be a few “ads by Google” showing more DWI attorneys in Houston and surrounding areas you might want to check those sites out as well as the phone book.

Best of luck

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