Household Storage – Power Steering Fluid, Motor Oil and Anti Freeze

Reader Question: Hey Austin,

I have a few bottles of motor oil, power steering fluid and anti freeze that are more than a year old. What should I do with them, how should I store them, and how long do they last on the shelf?

What are the rules to household storage?


Hey Russell,

Those bottles of fluids do not like to get too cold or too hot and they really do not like to be exposed to oxygen. I would clean off the bottles, make sure their original caps are in good tight condition and store them in a closed off cabinet away from the elements and direct sunlight.

I am not a scientist, but I would probably not keep those chemicals on the shelves longer than 3 years. All of those products you mentioned are cheap and readily available so I do not think I would hang on to them too long.

Make sure you properly dispose of them at your local auto parts store and not throw them in the trash or pour them out into the yard or storm drain.

Austin Davis

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