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My Honda CRX Needs a New Floor Board

Reader QuestionI know you can’t give me an exact number, and I know that “it depends” on many factors, but I need an educated guess. What will it cost to replace a floor on an old (80s) Honda CRX? I just need to know if it should be $50 or $500 or $5000, before I go to a body shop. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. Thanks for your help, Candice


Do you mean replace the metal floor pan (floor board) under the carpet? Did the metal rust out? If so, I would suspect that rust is eating just about everything else on the vehicle and will only be a matter of time before other more costly repairs will be needed, suspension parts, exhaust systems, brakes etc. etc. are all probably rusting and will follow to the same fate as the floor.

I have never replaced a floor, but have done some “patch work” over major rust holes to get a car ready to resell…..which if you have rust damage, I highly suggest you do…sell! No offense, but there is not a whole lot of damand for a late 80’s Honda CRX in great shape let alone a rust bucket version.

I would have your mechanic inspect the underside of the vehicle, exhaust, brakes and suspension and get an overall assessment of the condition of the vehicle before you spend any money repairing the floor. Rust is like cancer, you have to keep cutting it out as it grows, and you can never fully get rid of all of it you can just slow it down.

So if you still want an estimate to repair, I would guess at $150 for a small “patch” and upwards of $1500+ for any kind of major repairs.

Austin C. Davis

Reader Reply Thank you very much, Mr. Davis, for answering me so promptly and honestly. I think there is more rust under there than the hole suggests, so it probably is not worth fixing. I suspected that was true.

I had an awful time on the Internet trying to find some auto chat room that didn’t charge me money and/or require that I give them my IQ and shoe size, if you know what I mean, and I was getting very frustrated! I thought, there has to be someone with a shop who will just answer my darned question! And you did, for which I am very grateful. I will remember and recommend you for auto body work.

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