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Honda Odyssey Maintenance Questions


I’ve greatly appreciated the guidance you’ve given in the past and have a few questions I need to run by you.

1. I’m looking to replace my timing belt on an ’03 Odyssey LX (85K mi). In that regard:
-Through my local auto store I have a choice of a Contitech or Dayco belt. Do you approve of either of these or would you recommend an alternative (to include an OEM belt from the dealer).
-I plan on replacing the water pump at the same time. Through my local store I have a choice of GMB (about $70) and Edelbrook (starting at $189) brands. Are these ok or do you have other recommendations?
-Would you recommend changing the belt tensioner and the belt idler at the same time?

2. What are your views on K&N flat air filters? Since I’ll be using this on a family car (’06 Accord) I’m not really concerned about performance. Rather I’m thinking of going this route since it appears to be an economically good decision versus continuing to purchase disposable paper filters. The only concerns I’ve heard concerning the K&N filters are:
-Potential damage to the Mass Air Flow Sensor (from the oil on the filter)…sometimes due to over oiling. The K&N site has a long discussion on this issue.
-The cotton in the filter breaking down in time, thereby lessening the effectiveness of the filter.
-Under oiling the filter, thereby lessening the effectiveness of the filter.

3. My ’06 Accord factory pads are semi-metallic. I’m thinking of replacing these with Ceramic pads. From what I hear, some of the virtues of these pads include:
-less dust
-longer lasting than other pads
-less wear on rotors
Would you recommend going with these. Also, I have a choice between Wagner and Akebono pads. The Akebono’s are more expensive. Are they worth paying the extra money?

As always, I thank you for your service and your ministry.

In Christ,


Hi there Rob,

How are you?

I would call the Honda dealer parts department and get their prices, Honda usually is very competitive and if they are close to the aftermarket prices I would buy genuine Honda timing belt and water pump. Dayco is a very popular belt that is of high quality and I would have no problem using them.

Usually you don’t replace the tensioner unless there is visible wear on the pulley and same as the idler pulley. Sometimes I will replace the timing seals inside the timing cover for the cam seals when we do a timing belt job, then sometimes we just leave things alone.

I would not mess with a KN filter, it will not be of a benefit to this engine to warrant the cost and effort over a standard paper filter.

Ceramic might last longer, sometimes you get a noise issue using them…so there could be a trade off – noise for extended life, just seems to depend on the brake rotors and how they handle the ceramic.

I have had good luck with using Wagner and Bendix brake pads but I would bet the Honda pads are about the same price if not less. Honda brake pads are quiet and seem to last a long time.

Its just hard to be Honda at anything, parts or vehicles they have the system down.

Compare prices for installation at the dealership vs an independent garage, its probably not much more and you might get a better warranty and install.

Have a great day!

Austin Davis

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  1. J.R. says:

    I disagree with the K&N comment. It is worth it every time. Paper filters break down much faster. Plust you get the added benefit of fuel economy and performance.

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