Honda Engine Makes This Ticking Clacking Noise

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OK heres my question my (Honda) car in the morning would make a knocking sound but as soon as it would warm up (engine) the noise would go away well today the noise came back and would not go away sooo I checked my oil and i was a little bit below my bottom line

So I put some oil in and the noise went away but now i can drive but as soon as I hit 4k RPM it will tick I’m not sure if its my pistons/rods or if my rockers are not set correctly if you could help that would be great if you could tell me what the rockers should be set because I’m using a torque wrench if you could help with that also that would help me a lot.

Hey there Justin,

I would not advise you to do anything with this engine until you get a qualified mechanic to listen to it in person. You do not want to adjust the rockers yourself. You could have a low oil pressure problem causing the rockers/lifters to run dry of oil and make noise.

In the mean time you can try adding a can of Marvel Mystery Oil oil additive to your clean engine oil and see if that helps. You can buy this over the counter oil additive at any auto supply store.


Austin Davis

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