Honda Civic Overheated – Smoke Coming From Tailpipe Now

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Hey bro well I have a 1991 Honda Civic DX which was running fine till a few days ago it has been overheating and like the engine is shaking really hard also the is smoke coming from the tail pipe now any idea what it could be. it would be really helpful…….also I replaced the radiator and cap all hoses and thermostat, but not the water pump

Wuz up Jose

This does not sound good. I would have a mechanic perform a “compression test” on the engine to see if there is internal engine damage……like a blown head gasket. I would GUESS that the engine overheated, due to a coolant leak, restriction in the radiator, or a faulty electric cooling fan etc. etc. and the head gasket or other internal engine part failed causing coolant to enter the inside of the combustion area where it is not supposed to be.

If your mechanic thinks the head gasket is the problem, you might try this cheap radiator additive

Head Gasket Sealer

Although, you still have to fix the original cause of the overheating problem… get a new radiator or correct the coolant leak etc. or what ever caused the engine to over heat in the first place.

Austin Davis

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  1. lha says:

    I went through the same thing with a ford escort [years ago],a toyota p/u,and a nissan p/u.Not all that dificult , remove head, take to machine shop , have valves ground,pressure tested. When it is in the shop,you can check timing chain[or belt]and oil pump,etc.Be careful when you torque the NEW headbolts.The first time I did this operation,I was a bit intimidated,but it ran like new when finished.luck—lha

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