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Honda Civic Blows Taillight Fuse After CD player Installation

Reader Question ok this may be a dumb question… but I just installed a new pioneer cd player by myself in a 1991 Honda Civic LX, which i have about 2 years of experience doing, but my tail light fuse keeps blowing the second i put a new fuse in.. any ideas?

Hey there

If this happened soon after you installed the CD player, I would suspect you have a wire crossed or pulled loose under the dash. Recheck everything you did, you might even have to kill power to the cd player, install the tail light fuse and then reapply power to the cd player to confirm this is a problem in the installation process. If this issue was there prior to the cd installation, I would suspect you have a ground problem at one of the taillights, or possibly, possibly a bad bulb or socket, but probably doubtful.

Hate to say it, but most aftermarket electronic installations cause wiring issues like this, so I would probably remove the cd player and look for anything that was accidentally pulled loose or wired incorrectly.


Austin Davis

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