1997 Honda Accord – Brake Rotors are Warped Mechanic Says Bad Brake Hose?

Reader QuestionHi Austin,

This is Will J. AGAIN with the 1987 Honda Accord. I was able to get a description sheet from the mechanic charging $239.12 for the collapsed caliper problem. Here is a description of the problem: Front left caliper is collapsed (suggest brake hose and caliper to repair problem) resurface rotor to eliminate vibration while driving and stopping (rotor needs to be resurfaced due to being super heated by collapsed caliper/hose) Both c.v. axles need to be replaced (boots are torn).

Do you think this is a reasonable amount of money for this type of repair (I live in Alabama). The only reason I ask is b/c I just got married – and my wife is pursuing her master’s degree (therefore, she’s not working this summer). So, we’re only on one income. – and I just wanted your honest opinion on the matter. Thank you for any advice or recommendations that you have.

Will J.

Hello again Will

If the brake hose was collapsed the brakes would “pull” to the right hard, when you step on the brake pedal. It’s rare to replace a brake hose, rare more so on a Honda. If you are not experiencing a “pull” when you step on the brake, the hose might be ok.

The brake rotor resurfacing to remove the vibration……is part of the brake job and should have been done when you had your brakes done the first time. Sounds like the rotors are warped…..and the hose is an excuse??????

Brake Rotor Warp
for more about brake warp and vibrations.


Austin C. Davis

Reader Follow Up Hi Austin,

My name is Will J. and I had previously emailed you about a brake problem I was having – and I emailed you a long list of repair items that the dealership had on my invoice for items that needed to be repaired. Well, to make a long story short, I went back up to the dealership – told them basically what you told me – and they looked at the brakes again for me (free of charge).

What they discovered is that all I needed was to replace the front rotors (which they did for free). All I had to do was go next door to Adv. Auto Parts and purchase two front rotors (about $14 each) – PLUS on top of that – they cleaned and adjusted my rear brakes for me. Man!!! What a blessing!! They never once mentioned anything about a caliper problem or anything on that LONG LIST that I emailed to you.

My total cost came out to be $62.32 (for 2 rotors/cleaning and adjusting rear brakes). I saved $176.80 — because initially they wanted $239.12 for all that other crapwork. MAN – you are a God-send!!! Thank you Austin for your help and advice. You truly are Mr. Incredible!!!!!

To your success,

Will J.

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