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1990 Honda Accord Tachometer and Transmission Shifting and Jerking Funny

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I have a 1990 Honda Accord that runs just fine. A few weeks ago I started noticing the tachometer bouncing around and the gears jerking. The mechanics said it was probably nothing, but then one night the car just stopped going in the middle of the road and the engine, oil, and battery light all came on.

I turned off the car and a minute later turned it back on, and it started going again. This happened to me a few night later, but the mechanics again ran every diagnostic test they could and said they could find nothing wrong with my car. Do you have any idea what might be going on with my car?

Could your engine been misfiring? After re-reading your message, I said to myself….is the engine misfiring???? Your mechanic can check the spark plug wires, distributor cap and ignition rotor to see if they need changing. A bad spark plug wire will cause an engine miss, you will see and feel the misfire in the tachometer and the way the engine drives as well.

These models had a problem with the distributors, and at one time there was a factory recall for the distributor. The complaint at that time was the engine would not start at all…but if there is a problem in the distributor it can also cause a misfire. Your mechanic can check the distributor cap and ignition rotor and look for signs of wear inside the distributor.

I don’t recall off hand if this particular vehicle is equipped with a VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor, but that is usually the complaint when one fails. Might want to ask your mechanic to see if you have one, this would be a guess.

I have also seen a bad alternator cause similar problems. Inside the alternator is a voltage regulator which ….regulates and restricts the electricity it produces. If the alternator produces too much electricity it can cause strange problems like you mentioned. Your mechanic can test the alternator output to determine if this is the case.

I would also want to make sure the battery cables and battery and engine grounds are good and tight and clean of corrosion.


Austin Davis

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