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1999 Honda Accord Check Engine Light is On – Evaporative Fuel System Fault

Reader Question Austin, when my daughter tries to put fuel in the tank of her 1999 Honda Accord, the back pressure from the tank causes the fuel nozzle to shut off. It happens at different gas stations. The car’s Check Engine Light has been on and the mechanic turns it off but says that there’s a problem with the fuel vapor recovery system on this model. Got any suggestions?
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Howdy Joe,

You are going to need to look deeper into the computer trouble code. The fuel vapor recovery system is what helps vent the fuel tank of “harmful” fuel vapors. The problem you have is the fuel tank is not venting itself properly, so pressure is building up inside as you add fuel. It could be something simple like a pinched vent hose at the fuel tank or it could be something like a bad fuel vapor canister. Get the mechanic to troubleshoot this not just turn the light off.


Austin Davis

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