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Honda Accord Brake Light Switch Failures

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I have an automatic 1999 Honda Accord. In 2002 I had to have the brake light switch replaced because the little silver knob on the shifter would not depress so that I could put it into gear.

Well, about 2-3 years later I had to have it replaced yet again because it was doing the same thing. Now, in 2007, I am having to have it replaced yet again.

My question is, shouldn’t this last the life of the car or at least be replaced only once it’s lifetime? I am 45 years old and must say I have never had a problem with a brake light switch in my life.

Hey there

Honda might be having a problem with those switches; I have replaced quite a few of them on customer vehicles lately. I have not heard anything from Honda about the issue though, so I am afraid replacing the switch is about all you can do at the moment until they recall or find another manufacturer for the switches.

You might want to replace the bulbs in the rear of the vehicle just to make sure there is not a problem with a bulb drawing too much current and overheating the switch.


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  2. says:

    We have been having trouble with our 99 Accord shifting out of park. Then, recently our brake lights would not light up, only one of them would periodically light up. I checked all the bulbs…some of them looked kind of old, but they all worked individually so I didn’t think they were the problem. I bought a new brakelight sensor and then none of the lights would ever come on. Worried that I would have a larger electrical issue to deal with, I went online and found this comment from Austin Davis (thank you!). I replaced all the brakelight bulbs and I now have brake lights again.

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